Climactic Records are an independent and international record label founded in December 2010. The label prides itself on its unique mixture of all styles of Electronic Music. We aim to provide your ears with a truly eclectic variety of sound. The label works as a collective, helping both the live performers and DJs achieve distribution, gigs and hopefully the recognition they deserve. We are always actively seeking fresh talented producers to collaborate in Various Artist releases with intent to release further music from the individual artists. We accept demos regardless of genre or quality, “There is always room for improvement in any artist” If we choose not to release your music we hope you accept our appropriate responses which should include constructive criticism as standard. We endevour to reply to all messages sent to us as promptly as possible. Climactic Records is a non profit organization, we do not pay for distribution, we do not release CD’s or Vinyl, so you get back what you put in. We cannot promote your music as much as larger labels with big budgets because of the aforementioned reasons, so, let the music speak for itself If you are interested to send us demo’s, please send your private soundloud links to: